I fell in love with the Pomeranian as a child. However, I did not own one until 2004. That is when I found Brody and then shortly after that I found my love Diva. I had thought about showing her, however she grew larger than expected and my circumstances changed.

We are located in N.E. Ohio on a small plot in the country (just under 1 acre). I am a Nurse by profession and only recently started breeding my poms. I own 2 males and 4 breeding age females. A few of our Poms have champion bloodlines in their pedigrees. The girls are bred once a year and the puppies are raised in my home.

All the Poms are AKC registered. I give all my own shots except the rabies vaccine; the state of OH does not recognize the rabies shot unless the veterinarian gives it.

My grand son plays with the puppies once they are old enough to be handled. They are tiny ambassadors of good will. I take them to the nursing home where I work when they are 6 weeks old. The elderly love the pups, and the puppies love the attention they get. Thus, the Puppies are well socialized by the time they leave here.


When you inquire about a puppy, please tell me a little about your self. Where the puppy will live, have you had other dogs previously, do you have a veterinarian? I really do care about every pup that leaves here. The owners of my previous puppies send me updates occasionally. Its great seeing them grow up from a distance. The buyer will receive a health record with pups picture and Name if known, including the vaccine labels, and worming dates. AKC registration application forms. A blanket and small toy. If shipped a crate and health certificate from the veterinarian, which is included in the shipping price of $ 300.00


We are located in East Liverpool, OH in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Please send email with any questions you may have. I will answer all serious e-mail

Phone calls are always welcome, call 330-277-6737 if no answer leave message on voicemail please.  I will return your call.


Ursula Hunter

owner, breeder, handler.

This is me, working on my website

putting up new puppy pictures :)