What determines A Pomeranian Or Shelties Quality?


in the breeding and showing world, there are different quality dogs.
There are two main "qualities" of dogs. There is "Pet Quality", and there
is "Show Quality".  Once in a while you will see something called
"Breeding Quality" also.

We at Heartprint know that there are many people out there that are
unaware or do not understand the differences in quality. We also know
that it can be confusing.  We would like to take a moment to explain the
differences to you.




Show Quality dogs are dogs that meet the American Kennel Club (AKC)
Standards that they have set forth for the breed. The standard is based
on being purebred, height, bone structure, conformation, ears, eyes, etc.
Often times a show quality dog will also meet the standards set forth by
the other kennel clubs (such as United Kennel Club,etc.) as well since
they are usually the same standard requirements.  Show Quality means
that the dog meets the AKC standard requirements for the breed to be in
the truest form of the original breed. A show quality dog is able to be
shown at dog shows. Many dogs sold as show quality often times do go
into the show ring and are sold on a full registration.

Full registration means that you will have a dog you can show and breed
if you choose to do so.  You are not obligated to do either if you do not
wish, but generally speaking a dog that meets the standard is sold for
higher prices than a dog that does not meet the AKC standard.




Pet Quality dogs are dogs that  do not meet the AKC standards.
Because these dogs do not meet the standard they are unable to be
shown.  There could be any number of reasons why this type of dog
does not meet the standard. Common reasons include height, bone
structure or genetics. For example, If a dog is larger or smaller than the
standard height requirement this will make it a pet quality.Pet quality
dogs are generally healthy and normal but just don't meet the standards
of a "perfect show dog".For this reason these dogs usually sell for less.
They are still AKC registered and are still purebred.  Most breeders will
sell pet quality dogs on a Spay/Neuter Contract.

A Spay/Neuter contract states that a pet quality dog must be spayed or
neutered within a certain period of time and CANNOT be bred at all.  

Most breeders sell on a spay/neuter contract because there are too
many risks associated with breeding a pet quality dog.


 For example,
dogs that are too small could have a hard time giving birth, They will very
likely continue to produce dogs that do not meet the standard height
requirements often times being too small as well. Dogs that are too large
could produce dogs that are too big and do not meet the standard and
this could cause bone structure issues.

 If there is bone structure problems there could be complications in the

 offspring such as hip dysplasia or patella issues.


The differences of a quality pet dog and show dog  are often only noticeble to the show person

 and breeder.  It  in no way diminishes the pet quality dog's live or otherwise causes any issues.


 That said one should only buy a pet from a good breeder.


Pet-stores often if not most of the time buy pets from mass producers(puppy mills).

 The breeder should be able to tell you about the pets ancestors and health issues if any.

The good breeder will give a gurantee, and be available for questions even after the sale.