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Merle Color Page

This is Rocky, a beautiful Blue Merle

he is a darker mix of light to dark smoky gray and black.

he has the proper brown eyes.

the AKC faults blue eyes in merles.

This is Misty as a 3 day old pup, and 5 month old puppy. she is a lighter silver gray than her sire Rocky.

Pom puppies coat colors change as they get older.

generaly it gets lighter.

This is Kobe, he is a chocolate and white parti merle with blue eyes.

This page is a work in progress

more color examples to follow.

note the lighter brown color in his coat. That is the area that the merle gene lightened to a lighter shade of brown.

He also has blue areas in both eyes.

This is D'artanion, he is a chocolate merle.

This is a link to Robins wee bears, she has some nice examples of merles and merle patterns.


this is a gorgeous Blue merle and tan female, Shady 10 days old and 5month old