I care about my Puppies even after they go to their forever homes. Sometimes Life confronts us with unforeseable situations. If for some serious reason you are no longer abel to keep one of my puppies I will try to help you  place him/her in a new home. That does not mean you got tired of him, house breaking is not as easy as you thought, or you just took another job, and now he is an inconvenience. Pomeranians may live up to 15 years and this should be considred when buying one. These animals become attached to you and your familie, and should not be discarded like yesterdays refuse.

Under no circumstances is the Puppy to go to a shelter. If the puppy is returned to me it will be at the present owner's (your) expense. No Money is ever paid by the breeder other than if the dog is sold to a 3rd party. All Akc registration papers and health records have to be returned with the Puppy.


We can not hold a puppy without a deposit!

If you are sure, you want the puppy we need a deposit. I often have 2-3 people emailing or calling about the same puppy.( you know the adage when it rains it pours,) it never fails In the past I have held puppy on promise to buy, and the person never followed through with the purchase.  During this time I could have sold to another person on same day, and had to breack their heart and say no. Needles to say I have missed a sale. So if you want to take the chance on your puppy still being here in a couple of days that is your choice. However, from now on,  Puppy is available until deposit received, or visual proof of moneyorder number send per email. I hope you the buyer understand. Sincerely, Ursula @ Heartprint Pomeranians.

We welcome payments!

$200 non refundable deposit  to reserve your puppy.

 We accept PayPal for deposit, or payment however 3.5% need added to total please.

 Bank cashiers checks,USPS Money orders, Personal Checks, will have to clear (takes 3-7 days )before puppy is picked up. Pup has to be paid in full by the time its 12 weeks old .

Cash only when picking up puppy!


Please email if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

All Puppies will be AKC limited, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Updated 10-05-13

 Some of the puppies we sell are Merles.  Here is important information about the merle gene. If you are getting a merle pup please read this.


Merles come in many different shades. Merles can also be "Hidden" or "Phantom" Merles. There can be a normal looking sable, or cream, but, if one of the parents is merle, there is a good chance that these normal colors can be Merles. Sometimes, you can see a speck of blue in their eyes, called Merled Eyes, or there can be no sign at all.


Merles must not be bred to other Merles. It will result in a Double Merle Gene, which can be Fatal, or can Cause Blindness, or Deafness, or even puppies born with No Eyes at all. So, this is not a gene for a Novice Breeder.


More important information about the Merle gene here 


Here you will find some facts about the merle health issue controversies




for Examples of merle coat colors. click here

inquiring about puppy
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Available AKC registered

black female "Sheba"6 years old 6 pound.  if interested please email looking for good home.

New litter of 2 girls and one boy. 2 tri colored (male and female) and one white and cream colored girl.

DOB. 9/04/13 Email for pictures and cost. You can also see the pups here, http://www.nextdaypets.com/directory/dogs/uid/365097.aspx