Pomeranian Puppies are our passion!

We breed Quality Pomeranian Puppies that will give you unconditional love for many years to come.

We specialize in Merle, Parti, and Exotic colors.


The Pomeranian is well suited for apartment living, and needs only a little exercise.

Poms are playful, charming extroverts that love attention.

Our Pomeranian puppies are handled and loved from birth.

They will become well socialized members of your family.

From our Hearts to Yours


I am a small hobby breeder located in East Liverpool, Ohio. I breed my Pomeranians to AKC standards to produce quality healthy and temperamentally sound puppies. We are very particular about where our babies go, so please provide some information about yourself when inquiring about our babies. I have many references available


The Pomeranian Puppies are raised in a smoke free household underfoot. Your Puppy is loved from the moment it enters this world. The Puppies will be well socialized and played with by my grand son. Moreover, they are small ambassadors of goodwill as they bring much joy to the elderly in the nursing home where I work. They will come to you, being used to all the noises of a regular household, and People handling them. Most of all they will give you unconditional love for many years to come.



All of my Pomeranians and Shelties are AKC registered



If you would like to be put on the waiting list, or have questions about one of The Pomeranian or Sheltie Puppies




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Pomeranian Description


The Pomeranian is a beloved companion dog throughout the world. Despite being petite in size, (4 to 7 pound is the AKC ideal) the breed retains the spitz personality with a brilliance of colors. Pomeranians are alert, active, and curious. They are useful alarm dogs and fine, obedience dogs. The breed is full of itself, and likes nothing better than to Strut its stuff on a neighborhood walk. Weekly grooming keeps Poms neat. They make wonderful playmates for children who are old enough to be considerate of their tiny stature. Their easy care, beauty, and diminutive size suit them well as companions to the elderly.

These are a few

of our beautiful Pom Puppies breed here @ Heartprint Pomeranians

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Pomeranian & Sheltie Owner, Breeder, and Handler

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 Phone calls are always welcome, call 330-277-6737 if no answer, please leave message on voice mail.

 I will call you back asap. Or

send e-mail at the address above I answer all emails.

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